Sustainability Highlights

We are dedicated to ethical and sustainable economic growth for all of our employees, clients, and business partners.

  • To care for environment and operates responsibly.

  • To align our fleet with international standards.

  • To enhance our human resource by promoting to health and safety, individual and team excellence.

  • To foster a strong governance by respecting ethical principles.


We have more than 40 years of experience in managing the complexities of the shipping industry with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Presence in 2 segments, Upstream and Downstream. This duality not only underscores our versatility but also highlights our strategic significance.

Boasting a diverse fleet, our maritime assets encompass a total of 29 vessels, comprising 22 Offshore Support Vessels (OSV), 7 Oil and Chemical Tankers.

The backbone of our operations, our dedicated team of onshore employees stands strong at 113, each contributing their unique skills and expertise.

At the heart of our maritime operations, a skilled and resilient crew of seafarers, numbering 700, embodies the spirit of our seafaring tradition.

We achieved a ZERO Lost Time Injury ("LTI") rate in FYE 2023 out of total of 18,082,733 manhours since last LTI.

At an impressive >85% vessel utilization rate achieved in 2023, our fleet's optimal performance reflects our commitment to efficiency and strategic management.

Recording an impressive 8,234 operational days in 2023, we demonstrate unwavering dedication to providing seamless services and maintaining operational excellence.

With a remarkable achievement in 2023, where we successfully transported 1,266,969 metric tonnes of cargo, our commitment to efficient logistics and resilient supply chain management is evident.

All of the information above are based on the available as of 2023.

Moving Forward

At our core lies a steadfast dedication to sustainability. We firmly believe that by working hand-in-hand with our employees, customers, and other stakeholders, we can drive positive change and make a meaningful impact. Let us continue to work together towards a brighter, more sustainable future.